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Popular Barcelona
6 Jul

History of Barcelona – why is Barcelona so popular?

Looking for something good to read on the recent history of Barcelona? Interested in Barcelona modern architecture and urban design? Want to learn about politics in Catalonia and the financial and social history of Barcelona? Want to know why Barcelona is so popular?We have the...

bike tour
2 Jun

5 Reasons to go on a bike tour

Here are our top 5 reasons to go on a bike tour With many different types of bike tours available in all cities and places across the world, it’s no wonder it’s becoming an essential holiday activity. Travelling is all about seeing something new, discovering a...

13 May

My ‘Nou Camp’ experience

Despite being commonly referred to as the Nou Camp in English, the true name of the home to FC Barcelona is ‘Camp Nou’, (pronounced camp now) which literally translates from Catalan as ‘New Field’.  The first game played at Camp Nou was in 1957 replacing...