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Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, between the mouth of river Llobregat and river Besòs and bounded to the west by the Serra de Collserola mountain range. With a population of 1.6 million within the city and almost 5 million outside the city limits Barcelona is the biggest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona attracts visitors not only by its scenic location but also by its rich culture and history. Many of its architectural works, such as the world famous temple of la Sagrada Familia, are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is a major holiday destination for millions annually, it's the fifth most visited place by tourists in Europe and the first most visited city in Spain. Recently named the most bike-friendly city on the Med, also ranking as high as the 11th in the world, Barcelona will embrace your pedalling with its open arms of brand new cycling infrastructure.

Did you know?

Barcelona’s seven beaches were artificially built from scratch as part of the 1992 Olympic Games urban renewal programme.

The city has Spain’s largest population of Muslims, as well as the biggest number of Jews in the country.

Barcelona has an astonishing sixty municipal parks ranging from small to enormous and including, among others, a mountain summit park, several thematic parks, a park with a zoo, a park with a ferris wheel, a park designed by Antoni Gaudi and even a park with a labyrinth.

The headquarters of Barcelona City Council and those of the Regional Government of Catalonia, who to this day are politically at each others’ throats, are located on the same square… and facing each other!

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