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Castelldefels is a coastal town of about 60 thousand inhabitants, located 20km (12m) southwest of Barcelona. Castelldefels is situated only 10km (6m) west of the Barcelona El Prat Airport, which many of its inhabitants see as a great advantage. Especially the famous ones! But many who stay in Castelldefels do not focus on celebrities, but rather go for real stars - in the city's internationally renowned School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering. Castelldefels is home to many earthly wonders too. The city has a beautiful 5km(3m)-long beach and a hilltop castle, it is home to the Olympic Canal of Catalonia and it lies at the foot of the natural park of Garraf.

Did you know?

Among the celebrities who love the charm of the Castelldefels beach is Lionel Messi, the world- famous Argentinian football player.

The castle of Castelldefels might seem impenetrable now, but in the year 1550, the town population had to help fortify it because otherwise it would not stand…pirate attacks!

The Olympic Canal located in Castelldefels was constructed for the 1992 Olympic Games of Barcelona. The enormous construction is almost a mile long.

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