Girona, located about 100km (60m) northeast of Barcelona, is one of the most important Catalan cities. With a community of over 97 thousand, Girona is the fourth most populated city in the autonomous region of Catalonia. Thousands travel there to see the majestic gotic Cathedral or walk in Catalonia's largest park – Parque de la Dehesa. Add elegant pedestrian stone bridges over the river Onyar crossing the heart of town and it's no wonder Girona is the ultimate destination for tourists in Catalonia looking for a little quiet and a lot of charm. Internationally established as a keen cyclist's destination, Girona is easy to get to...and hard to leave behind.

Did you know?

Some of the trees still standing in Parque de la Dehesa have been planted around the year 1850 which makes them over 160 years old and, some of them, over 50m (160ft) tall!

Girona is internationally recognised as a base for training for professional cyclists. Amongst many that have called the city their temporary home was …Lance Armstrong. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

Saint Narcis, patron saint of Girona is said to have attacked French invaders who opened his tomb by sending a swarm of gigantic flies. To this day in Girona kids enjoy insect-shaped chocolate treats called Flies of Sant Narcis.

There is only one modernist bridge over the river Onyar in the centre of Girona. The eye-catching red metal construction was designed by Gustav Eiffel – yes, of the Paris’ Eiffel Tower!

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