Sitges is a coastal town of about 26,000 people located 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona. Seventeen beaches within the Sitges city limits facing the Mediterranean Sea make it no surprise that its main industry is tourism and the town attracts thousands of visitors every year. The stunning nineteenth century beachfront villas, the baroque seafront church of San Bartolomé y Santa Tecla, fantastic restaurants and the town's port make Sitges a great place to spend the day outside of Barcelona.


Did you know?

The word sitges in Catalan means silos – deep pits in the ground used for grain storage. Although the pits were never located, the name stuck.

Stone farmhouses around Sitges had to be fortified in the XVIII century because of…pirate attacks! Also, a frigate to aid the town’s defence was moored around the seafront baroque church of San Bartolom√© y Santa Tecla.

XIX century Sitgetans returning from America built giant beachfront villas to display their fortunes. But they also invested in the town’s industries and as a thank you were endearingly called americanos.

After Franco’s dictatorship ended in 1978, tourism quickly became Sitges’ biggest industry. But before that, as much as three quarters of the town’s population were employed in…shoemaking.


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