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Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you will have some questions about your tour. We have tried to answer the most common questions below, however should you require any further information not covered on this page, feel free to contact us directly.

Do you do bike rentals or non-guided tours?

All our tours are guided to give you the most safety and so you can enjoy the best possible routes sites.

Are reservations required?

Yes. This can be done through our website or through our contact page should you still have any questions.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people for a booking?

A minimum booking of 2 people is generally required for all our tours, however for the longer tours we may accept single bookings so please get in touch.  We like to keep our group sizes to a maximum of 10 people depending on the tour to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.  Again, feel free to contact us if you are part of a large group.

How experienced do I have to be on the bike?

We offer a variety of different tours for all levels of experience – this will be clearly stated in the description of each individual tour.

When do I get more information about the tour I have booked?

Once you have reserved your tour on our website, you will receive a confirmation email with everything you need to know.

How early should I arrive for my tour?

You are required to arrive half an hour before the departure time of your tour which will be stated clearly in the confirmation of your booking.

What is the number to call in case I am lost and trying to find the meeting point?

The address will be on the booking confirmation, along with a couple of different contact numbers, should you need to call.

What do I have to bring with me?

You must provide a form of identification- your national identity card, passport or drivers licence. We advise you bring plenty of water, sunscreen and swimsuit (depending on the tour).

Is there space to store luggage?

Yes, we can safely store your belongings at our meeting point- the Bicilona base.

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

We would advise bringing your own helmet, however helmets are provided if required.

What are the sizes of the bikes?

Our bikes come in all sizes- small, medium and large. All our bicycles are adjustable for comfort.

Can we bring our own bikes?

You are of course welcome to bring your own bikes, as long as they meet the specific requirements for each tour. All of our tours come with the additional option to include one of our bikes.

Can we bring our own pedals and shoes?

Yes. We can even help you fit them.

What can I wear on the tour?

For our shorter tours, you may wear comfortable casual clothing and for our advanced tours we recommend you wear sports/ cycling attire. Each tour description states the precise requirements.

What kind of riding conditions can I expect?

Whilst we can never guarantee the weather, Barcelona benefits from near all year round excellent cycling conditions with higher temperatures in the summer months and long sunny days in autumn, spring and winter.

What if the bike breaks while I have it?

All our guides will carry tools and repair any damages provided the bike is repairable on site.In the highly unlikely event that spares cannot be sent and the bike is beyond repair, the guide may have to make alternative arrangements for the group to return to Barcelona.

Is there food included on your tours?

Unless specifically stated on the tour description, our tours do not include food or drinks.

Do you provide photography or videos after the tour?

Yes, some photography or videos will be made available after your tour. With our more advanced tours, Strava and reviews will also be available. Feel free to bring your own cameras, GoPros (and drones!) along and make your own.

What is your cancellation policy?

Bookings cancelled within two weeks of your tour will not be refunded.  all cancellations must be made in writing to

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